Vote Everywhere

Logo for Andrew Goodman FoundationVote Everywhere, a program of The Andrew Goodman Foundation, is a unique Civic Engagement Initiative rooted in a legacy of civil rights and social justice. Vote Everywhere carries on the work of Andrew Goodman, a sophomore at Queens College, who was murdered along with James Chaney and Michael Schwerner during Freedom Summer 1964 while attempting to register African-Americans to vote. Vote Everywhere empowers a national community of campus leaders to mobilize others to act on issues of importance using their votes, voices and networks.

The cornerstone of the Vote Everywhere initiative is the Vote Everywhere Ambassador Program, a yearlong paid internship with The Andrew Goodman Foundation (AGF) that takes place on the Ambassador’s college campus. At Miami University, Ambassadors are based in the Office of Community Engagement and Service (OCES). Together, the AGF and OCES select and develop Vote Everywhere Ambassadors to become organizers who initiate social action, build successful movements, and engage peers. Ambassadors will learn by participating, connecting and engaging with others, and forming coalitions for change.

  • Knowledge - Participants develop a greater understanding of the American civil rights movement, the history of Freedom Summer 1964, and the role college students and young people played in changing the course of history.
  • Social Action - Students learn how to critically analyze and directly impact social issues through professional activist trainings provided by The Andrew Goodman Foundation.
  • Civic Engagement - Ambassadors learn about democracy and the electoral process by creating voter education and registration activities on campuses, building teams, and educating students about social issues.

Vote Everywhere Ambassadors receive a stipend of $1,000 and an allowance of $500 to support their work on campus. Time commitment ranges from 4-8 hour per week. 


  • Citizenship 101 - This workshop is designed to engage participants in thinking about how they and others tend to define citizenship - in theory and in practice. It aims to spur dialogue across some commonly held beliefs about what it means to be an active citizens in the United States.
  • Advocacy 101 - Want to create change? This workshop introduces some useful strategies for advocating on behalf of an issue or community that matters to you. Learn how to communicate with elected officials and make your voice heard!
  • Coffee & Civics - This program is based on New Hampshire Public Radio's Civics 101 podcast: On Tuesday evenings, campus and community members are invited to come together to listen to one episode of the podcast and then engage in a casual discussion/Q&A session facilitated by someone with knowledge or experience in each topic.