Healthy Together with Community Standards

Mass Gatherings and House Parties

The State of Ohio is currently under an order restricting mass gatherings (of 10+ people). House parties are also subject to city ordinances around excessive noise, litter, and disorderly conduct as well. The Oxford Police Department (OPD) will enforce both the State of Ohio order and city ordinances to disperse large groups and issue citations.

As with any off-campus citations, the Office of Community Standards will receive a weekly report of Miami students who violated COVID restrictions off campus. A COVID restriction violation falls under endangering the health and safety of other students under the student code of conduct. We will review each case. Sanctions for students found responsible for endangering the health and safety of other students can include probation or suspension, based on severity or frequency of the violation.

Appointments & Meetings

The majority of hearings, investigation interviews, and other meetings with students will take place virtually for the Fall 2020 semester. Notices of in-person or virtual meetings will be sent via email.

If an in-person meeting is necessary, precautions such as plexiglass barriers and physical distancing can be accommodated.

Building Hours & Access

Entrances will be designated as entrance only, or exit only, with modifications for accessible access points. For meetings with Community Standards, please use the main rear entrance to Warfield Hall adjacent to the parking lot.


The front office in 009 Warfield Hall will be open and staffed by at least one staff member or student staff member. The office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Contact the office at 513-529-1417 or

Plexiglass will be installed at the reception desk. While students may still return paperwork or forms to our office in-person, submitting via email is preferred to reduce physical contact.


All sanctions will have an option to complete while physically distant, if not completely online. Complete instructions for each sanction (including physically distant or virtual options) will be delivered via hearing outcome letters.

Staff Schedules

The Office of Community Standards professional staff will operate on a rotating schedule in an effort to ensure continuity of services, and the general health of all staff members.

Student staff members will work on an alternating schedule or be divided into separate work spaces when schedules overlap.