Procedural Review

This step of the Community Standards process can begin for one of two reasons: 

  1. The organization went through an investigation and the recommendation is that charges be brought forward, or
  2. Charges are being brought forward without an investigation because the report initially received by the Office of Community Standards has the level of evidence needed without an investigation.

Regardless of whether or not an investigation occured, the next step at this point is to attend a Procedural Review with a staff member in the Office of Community Standards. A Procedural Review Notice is sent to the president and necessary parties and includes the charges that have potentially been violated, along with a meeting date and time.

At the Procedural Review itself, the Office of Community Standards staff member reviews the following with the organization president:

  1. The alleged charges and their meaning
  2. The recommended sanctions
  3. The option to accept responsibility and accept the proposed sanctions
  4. The option to request an Administrative Hearing if the organization disputes the charges and/or sanctions
  5. The hearing process if the organization chooses that route.

The organization president has two business days to discuss the options with necessary parties and notify the Office of Community Standards of their decision. If the accused organization fails to notify the Office of Community Standards of the option selected, a hearing will be schedule by default.