Report an Incident

Please use the appropriate incident report form below to report an incident or concern to our office. Do not use this form to report an immediate threat. If you require emergency assistance, call 911.

General Incident Reporting Form

Please report any incident that may involve generally prohibited conduct under the Code of Student Conduct (i.e., alcohol, drugs, harassment, damage to property, disorderly conduct, etc.). Reports of academic misconduct should not be reported via this form.

If you have questions about the form or if a particular behavior violates the Code of Student Conduct, please consult with our office prior to completing the form. 

Incident Reporting Form

Hazing Reporting Form

Please report any incident that may involve hazing. Hazing is defined in the Code of Student Conduct in the Prohibited Conduct and Appendix B sections. 

For Miami employees and volunteers, completing this form will satisfy your obligation to report incidents of hazing under Ohio’s Collin’s Law.

Hazing Incident Reporting Form

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

Please review Miami's Sexual Misconduct Protocol for Students, including the section on Making a Report of sexual misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct Incident Reporting Form