About Us


It is the mission of the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to assist our fraternity and sorority community to succeed in living out its shared values of scholarship and learning, service and philanthropy, community, leadership and values, and Brotherhood and Sisterhood among all Fraternity and Sorority chapters at Miami University.

The Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life through collaboration and cooperation with its stakeholders, will create an environment supportive of the academic mission of Miami University that is congruent with the values and rituals of our chapters, and encourages a strong Interfraternal campus community.


To develop a Model Fraternity and Sorority Community that achieves national recognition for its commitment to intellectual achievement, leadership, personal growth and service to the community.

The Five Pillars that Shape Our Community

Each chapter is committed to the Principles of the Greek Community: Scholarship & Learning, Service & Philanthropy, Leadership & Values, Community, and Brotherhood & Sisterhood.

Scholarship & Learning

Each chapter commits itself to the tenet of enhancing scholarship and learning within the chapter. As a result, members of Miami's fraternities and sororities consitently earn GPAs above the All Mens, Womens, and Campus averages. This is reflective of Greek student leadership not only in the community but also in the classroom.

Service & Philanthropy

One of the most rewarding aspects of fraternity and sorority involvement is the opportunity to impact the lives of those in the community. Last year, Miami Greeks donated countless hours and thousands of dollars to both local and national charities through service projects and philanthropic fundraisers.

Leadership & Values

Miami's Greek community is dedicated to developing strong, multi-faceted leaders through a variety of leadership opportunities. Fraternity and sorority life provides an outstanding means for the discovery and implementation of each member's unique leadership potential by encouraging individuals to strive for positive change in their organizations and the entire community.


The Greek Community has been thriving for over 175 years at Miami University. The Greek community offers leadership, social, and service opportunities that you will find hard to match elsewhere. Whether it is a fraternity or sorority sponsored service event, party, philanthropy, athletic event, or speaker, you will be able to grow as an individual through your Greek involvement at Miami University.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Within each chapter, there is a close bond of friendship and family. This is one of the foundations of the Greek experience. The unique personalities of fraternity and sorority members provide a diverse and well-rounded Greek Community. The ideal of brotherhood and sisterhood is a cornerstone that each fraternity and sorority is built upon and is reflected in each chapter. The relationships that you form within your chapter exceed that of a friendship.