Chapter Leadership Programs

IFC New Member Educator Summit

The New Member Education Institute is a two-part program designed for chapter presidents, new member educators, and chapter advisors.

Part One Goals and Learning Objectives:

  • Educate on current initiatives
  • Discuss current risk level
  • Plan new member process and set up Enhanced Member Experiences (EME) for Spring

Part Two Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Review plans for a great recruitment and new member education program
  • Review expectations of chapter, active brothers, and advisors
  • Complete documents, prepare transition, and review/answer questions

Panhellenic Big Sis Training

In addition to the Panhellenic New Member coordination and planning, Panhellenic also hosts a training for all potential Big Sisters and Mentors.

Potential Big Sisters participate in an hour-long training to review expectations of the relationship and responsibility of a Big Sister while also signing the Big Sister contract agreement.

The contract reads as follows:

I, ________________________________________, hereby agree to fulfill all the terms listed below as a member of Miami University’s Panhellenic Association and a “Big Sister” for my own chapter.

I understand that my actions and attitudes through this experience will positively or negatively affect people’s opinions about myself, my organization, the fraternity/sorority community, and the institution.

I will serve as a mentor, a guide, a supporter, and a friend to my “Little Sister” as well as to all new members within the Miami Greek Community. I will do so by upholding the following conditions at all times.

I will uphold all local, state, and federal laws at all times including, but not limited to, not providing, delivering, or exchanging alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal substances to my "Little Sister.”

I agree that I will not have any type of involvement in IFC recruitment, bid acceptance, and new member programs for the duration of the new member period.

I will follow campus policies and serve as a respectful campus partner surrounding gift delivery. This includes not delivering gifts to residence halls without an escort, respecting noise levels, and being respectful of my "Little Sister’s" roommate(s).

I agree to respect the dignity and wellbeing of all involved in the Big/Little process. I will not allow inappropriate behavior such as, removal of clothing, inappropriate dancing as “gifts”, blindfolding, restraining, and/or touching.

I PROMISE that all my actions during this entire experience will reflect positively on myself, my council, my fraternity/sorority, and my institution.

I understand that if I choose not to uphold the above policies, I can be subject to disciplinary action from my chapter, the Panhellenic Association, and the Office of Community Standards, should my actions violate University policy.