Community Programs

Love, Mom & Dad: Turning Tragedy Into Progress

Love, Mom & Dad

An emotional presentation (click on the image above to view) which touched on the lives of Timothy Piazza, Max Gruver, and Marquise Braham, three young men whose lives were tragically cut short due to the impacts of hazing. The parents of these students shared their stories with over 750 in-person attendees and an additional 400 plus virtual viewers.

The goal of this keynote presentation was to shift the culture within out fraternity community to one that prides itself on tradition and the values set forth by generations of fraternity and sorority students.

Fraternity attendance requirement: 40% of each IFC fraternity were required to atted. Those who could not attend in person were requested to participate via the Facebook live feed. In addition to chapter member attendance, each chapter was also required to have one advisor in attendance.

Sorority participation: The Panhellenic Association requested each of its member organizations have a presence at the virtual viewing in Farmer Auditorium and Benton Hall. Over 200 Panhellenic women attended virtually.

To view the Q&A, visit our Facebook page.

Q&A With the Parents of Timothy Piazza, Marquise Braham, and Max Gruver

Lori Hart

After the keynote presentation with Rae Ann and Stephen Gruver, Jim and Evelyn Piazza, and Richard Braham, Dr. Lori Hart facilitated a Q&A discussion and dialogue for those in attendance.

To view the Q&A visit our Facebook page.

How to Move Forward - A Prevention Program Presented by Lori Hart

Immediately following Love, Mom & Dad and the Q&A with the families, our community came together to discuss tangible processes and solutions with Dr. Lori Hart. Chapter leadership (eight members of each fraternity) and chapter advisors (at least one from each fraternity) were required to attend this closing program to discuss prevention efforts and to work together to develop a framework on how to move our fraternity community forward.