Sorority LLC Housing

Miami University Panhellenic Sorority LLC Housing Plan for 2017

The Plan & Details

Panhellenic is committed to a Sorority Living Learning Community for all of our sophomore members. Based on continued growth and interest in the sorority community more buildings on central campus, for sorority living, will be offered for the 2017-18 academic year. Corridors spaces for sophomore women will be available in Etheridge, Richard, MacCracken, Porter, and Hamilton Halls. Multiple-Occupancy room rates range from $3,175 to $4,000 per semester per person.  Single Occupancy room rates range from $4,021 to $4,813 per semester per person. ​

Sorority LLC Locations

With residence hall renovations ongoing, we will continue using spaces close to Central Quad. These spaces are all in ideal locations due to their proximity to MacCracken, Richard, and Hamilton.  Etheridge Commons and Porter Hall will be treated as a part of Central Quad when completing chapter placements.

The Timeline

A timeline for sorority living assignments for Fall 2018 will be posted in late Fall 2017.