Event Planning

Planning Parent and Family Weekends

Planning for sorority and fraternity mom’s and dad’s weekends can be overwhelming! We hope this resource gives you the tools to plan a successful and fun weekend in just a few short steps.   

Step 1: Consider All Opportunities and Things to Do

On Campus Programming Ideas

Off Campus

  • Make sure to check out what’s going on in Oxford. EnjoyOxford.org is a great resource to find out what’s going on in town and for special event planning. Their staff can help with:

    • Event ideas: experiential classes (dance, art, martial arts/self defense, woodcraft, etc), tours of area resources (naturalist tour, geology tour, farm tour, birding, etc.)

    • Assistance with space reservations (parks, meeting rooms, ballrooms, etc.)

    • Parent Weekend Itineraries
  • Check out Hueston Woods

  • You're FiredOxford Community Arts Center

  • Contact the Oxford Chamber of Commerce for additional business contacts.

Step 2: Plan the Event


  • Remember to check campus/city calendars both for conflicts with large campus events and religious holidays.

  • If you plan to have a social event during the weekend please make sure to register it with IFC or Panhellenic.

  • It is very important that you submit permits for use of parks, streets, event tents, etc. with the City of Oxford at least two weeks prior (preferably 2-6 months in advance for park events). Visit the City of Oxford's Right of Way and Park Permits page for information on how to reserve parks/streets etc. Contact the Oxford Visitor's Bureau for help with the permit process.

Responsible Planning

  • Think about Responsible Event Planning - something beyond just a bar crawl. These types of events can play a role in your weekend planning, but should not be the central focus. We have heard from parents that they don't attend parent weekends because that's not what they want to do the entire time.
  • Make sure to check Ohio Laws regarding hosting events where underage individuals could potentially be drinking with parents present.

  • Make sure your events align with your organization's values.

  • Contact Parent & Family Programs for additional information and ideas. They can help you with communication with parents, event planning ideas, and maybe even provide giveaways for parents while they are here.

Step 3: Make your Reservations

See the list of hotels in Oxford and check out the Marcum Conference Center. Hotels can be reserved one year in advance. At a minimum, you should reserve rooms six months in advance if you want a block of rooms.

Check out the Accommodations page on the Visiting Miami page.

Step 4: Communication is Key

Remember the importance of giving as much advance notice as possible to members and their parents, especially for accommodations.

Remember to share things about the chapter as part of the weekend events. Families want to know more about the Chapter their daughter/son is in. Talk about your values, major programs, and ways you are making a difference in the lives of your members, Miami, and the greater Oxford area.

Additional Event Planning Resources

Student Activities offers a host of additional resources for event planning, from advertising and marketing to policies and procedures. Visit their Event Planning page now!