Calendar of Events

No Programming Dates for Fall 2019:

  • September 28 until 2:00 pm
  • Rosh Hashanah: September 30 - October 1
  • Acropolis: October 4-6
  • Vijaya Dasami: October 7
  • Yom Kippur: October 9
  • Deepavali: October 27
  • Advance: November 15-17
Fraternity and Sorority Mom's and Dad's Weekends 
  • Note: Fraternity and Sorority Mom's and Dad's Weekends are self reported by the chapters and therefore subject to change without notice. Please consult with your son or daughter to verify the dates provided here.
Fall 2019 Save the Dates!
Date Event Additional Information
August 21-22 Move-In Greek Move-In Volunteer Service Opportunity
August 25 Fall Kick-Off Council Officers, Chapter Presidents, and Advisors
August 25 Social Chair Training Chapter Presidents, Risk Managers, and Social Chairs
August 28 Mega Fair
September 4 Go Greek 101 and IFC Open Houses
September 7 Homecoming
September 8 Community Conversation with Matt Mattson All Chapter Members
September 9 Tri-Council Council Officers and Chapter Presidents
September 22 - 28 Greek Week
September 23 - 24 Greek Week: Blood Drive
September 28 Greek Week: Crop Walk  (No Programming Day before 2:00 pm)
September 28 NPHC Week: Yard Show
September 29 NPHC Week: NPHC BBQ
October 1 NPHC Week: Black Greek 101
October 2 NPHC Week: Philanthropy Event
October 3 NPHC Week: Dodgeball
October 4-6 Acropolis No Programming Weekend
October 8 Tri-Council Council Officers and Chapter Presidents
October 19 Family Weekend: Greek Fun Run
October 26-27 Panhellenic Association Sprite Dates
November 1 EME and New Member Week Plans Due IFC - Rough Draft; PA - Final Draft
November 4 Chapter and Council Election Deadline
November 9 Go Greek 101 and IFC Open Houses
November 12 Tri-Council Council Officers and Chapter Presidents
November 15-17 ADVANCE  Chapter Presidents and Council Officers (No Programming Weekend)
December 1 Service Hour Submission Deadline