Bill Sparks

Outdoor Pursuit Center Assistant Director

Interview with: Bill Sparks, Miami Rec Center, Assistant Director Outdoor Pursuit Center
by Jim Reid, Field Manager, Miami University Natural Areas

Q: Would you explain the Challenge Courses located in Peffer Woods?
“The Outdoor Pursuit Center manages the Challenge Course located in the Natural Areas in Peffer Woods. The High and Low Challenge Courses are made up of simple platforms and cables that can be used to present challenges to participants. Some are immediately off the ground and others 30'-40' feet high. The Courses are maintained within the trails of Peffer Woods.  However our Group Initiatives Program can be customized to a groups needs and can be made to fit in all kinds of locations both indoor and out of doors.”

Q: Who are the groups that use the Challenge Courses?
“We work with Miami Greek Life, Resident Life, Academic Classes, Club & ICA as well as local school groups, sports teams, and youth organizations. We host well over 2000 participants each year.”

Q: What is the purpose of these activates?
“What we aim to provide, is an experience for groups to step out of their normal situations and come interact in a new way.  We present challenges to them to overcome and allow them a safe opportunity to develop, as a group, experiential education."