The Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication was formed to support and engage off-campus students and commuters and build on relationships in the Oxford community. We are committed to helping students understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants, neighbors, and community members.

We work with students, permanent residents, local landlords, and city officials to promote a positive partnership in keeping Oxford a safe, engaging, beautiful place to live and offer a broad range of resources, programs, and support, with an aim to help students:

  • Make informed decisions about where and with whom to live
  • Resolve landlord/tenant problems and/or roommate conflicts
  • Understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants and citizens
  • Promote a positive relationship with the Oxford community

Additionally, we offer commuter support through the Commuter Resource Center, Commuters of Miami (student org), programming, and other resources.

Mission Statement

The Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication, in collaboration with the City of Oxford, engages, educates, and supports off-campus students and commuters to achieve a positive, safe, responsible, and connected experience living off-campus. We advance the central communication efforts for the Division of Student Affairs and for all Student Affairs departments to help them meet their goals through strategic, engaging, and creative communication.