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Episode 3 Part II: Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
In part two of our mental health and emotional well-being episode, Miami students Luke Koulouris, Luke Erml, and Samantha Federici chat with Dean Moore and provide their perspectives on the topic, along with some potential coping strategies for their fellow students.
Episode 3 Part I: Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
Dr. Steve Large, assistant vice president of health and wellness, joins Dean Moore to discuss the similarities and differences between mental health and emotional well-being.
Episode 2: Creating Space for Dialogue
Explore creating space to engage in dialogue across difference and how to do that without disproportionately burdening those from marginalized communities with guests Dr. Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Jasmine Floyd, and Joe Delaney.
Episode 1: Dialogue Across Difference
Guest Tarah Trueblood discusses the divisive and polarized landscape of our nation and provides tips on how to dialogue with people who have different identities or beliefs. Two students then discuss barriers to dialogue and why it is so important to push through the discomfort.