Early Arrival to August Orientation

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If you'll be living on campus, you'll move directly into your residence hall room for August orientation. Residence hall check-in for August orientation begins at 8am on Tuesday, August 18, 2020; this is two nights before your housing contract begins, so you will be charged for two nights of early arrival housing ($26-$39, depending on your residence hall room and building type) for that night. As long as you are registered for August orientation, we will take care of arranging the one day of early move-in for you.

If you need to move in to your residence hall room earlier than Tuesday, August 18, you will need to request the additional early arrival housing through the MyCard website. Please contact the Campus Services Center at 513-529-5000 with any questions regarding early arrival housing.

Because of the proximity to the start of the semester, we are unable to offer on-campus housing for family members or guests who attend orientation.