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August Orientation - First Year Student Pre-Orientation Checklist

  1. Sign up to attend August orientation through the MyMiami student portal.
  2. Review information about August orientation using the navigation menu on the lefthand side of this page, as well as the conformation email you receive immediately after signing up to attend. If you need to change your information, simply revisit the online reservation forms and submit your new information. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must call the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs at 513-529-9771 before date Thursday, August 17. 
  3. Print the August orientation parking pass that will be emailed to each student in a detailed confirmation on August 17, 2017, and bring the parking pass with you to campus; leave the parking pass on the dashboard of your vehicle to access on-campus parking for free during orientation. Additional parking passes will be available at the HOME Office in the Campus Avenue Building (Room 129) and the Armstrong Student Center Information Desk.
  4. Take the math and foreign language placement tests. Access the Math and Foreign Language Placement Tests through the Orientation and Transition Programs website or the MyMiami portal. All incoming domestic students must take the math placement test; you should take the foreign language placement test if you plan to take a foreign language course at any time during your Miami studies - OR if you are a student in the College of Arts and Science (as foreign language is required for Arts and Science students). Even if you plan to start a new foreign language at Miami, take the foreign language placement test for any language(s) you have previously studied. Please make every effort to complete these tests before date August 17, 2017. If you are unable to complete placement tests by date TBA, please do so as soon as you are able. Placement tests will continue to be available through myMiami and the Orientation and Transition Programs website - we won't restrict or remove access to placement tests. However, not taking placement tests at least five business days before your orientation session will disrupt your course registration at orientation.
  5. Submit an electronic medical form. Submit an electronic medical form. This form asks for the dates of your required immunizations. Visit MiamiOH.edu/health after June 1, 2017 to submit your information; students will also receive instructions for completing this requirement at your Miami email address. The deadline for completion is August 1, 2017. UPDATE!  The deadline has been extended to August 31.
  6. Review academic information and recommended courses for your major in the New Student Guidebook (PDF).  The University Bulletin (a more extensive list of courses that includes upper-level options) is online if you wish to review it.
  7. Upload a photo for your Miami Student ID Card. You will pick up your Miami ID on date Wednesday, August 23 between 8:00am-11:30am at the HOME Office in the Campus Avenue Building, Room 034. We STRONGLY suggest that you upload your own photo for your Miami Student ID Card. If you don't upload a photo, you may have to wait in line to have your photo taken; uploading your own photo will be much more efficient, as you'll just need to pick up your card. Please upload your ID photo at least five days before your orientation session at the myCard online portal. If you have questions or need help uploading your photo, contact the HOME Office (Housing Options, Meals, and Events) at 513-529-5000.
  8. Find directions to Oxford on the Miami website.
  9. Students who anticipate the need for academic accommodation for specific learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder should submit appropriate documentation to the Office of Learning Disabilities Services (housed within the Rinella Learning Center) as soon as possible. For more information regarding qualifying for accommodations please visit Qualifying Learning Disabilities. Information regarding accommodations for students with physical, medical, psychiatric, neurological disabilities or spectrum disorders may be found at Student Disability Services.
  10. Sign up for E2Campus, Miami's emergency text-messaging system. This option is for students only; the E2Campus system is not designed for family members.
  11. Review the information about the Miami Notebook Program.
  12. Explore options for majors and careers. Nearly 1 in 5 college students change their majors, and a significant number of Miami students don't declare their major until after orientation. Use the Focus 2 online career and education planning tool (access code "redhawks") to find out more about majors and careers that fit best with your skills and interests.
  13. Contact the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs with any questions. Many questions can be answered by information on this website. You may also call 513-529-9771, or email orientation@miamioh.edu.