Orientation Registration

Registration will open mid-March, 2020

All confirmed, domestic first year students will receive a brochure via mail with details about orientation. Students must confirm admission to Miami University via the Applicant Status Page and enroll in Duo two-factor authentication prior to registering for orientation.  You will be prompted to enroll in Duo the first time you sign in to a Miami resource - like myMiami - after confirming your admission. If you have questions about Duo, see our IT Knowledge Base (MiamiOH.edu/duo), and/or our IT Services Duo guide (MiamiOH.edu/duofaq).

Starting in mid-March, confirmed students will be imported into the orientation registration system, and may register for an orientation session by clicking on the red button above (note that it may take 12-24 hours after confirming for your record to be imported into the orientation registration system).

Students will login to the orientation registration system using your Miami student Unique ID and password. When you complete your registration, each student and registered guest will also receive a confirmation email (as long as you've included the guest's email address when registering). NOTE: You may see a health and/or advising hold on your account; these holds are normal for all new students, and will not prevent you from registering for orientation.  These holds will be lifted when you are at orientation so you can register for fall semester classes.

Orientation sessions fill up on a first-come, first-served basis, and do NOT have waiting lists, so please register early and be as flexible as possible with your availability. If you are not able to attend a summer orientation session, that's ok! We offer one orientation session in August, just prior to first year move-in. Registration for the August orientation session opens in July, but if you know you will attend August orientation before then, please contact the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs at 513-529-9771 or email orientation@MiamiOH.edu, and we will reserve your place in that program.

NOTE: One common misperception is that students who attend later orientation sessions will have significant difficulty registering for classes. In reality, seats in the most common first-year courses are released for each orientation session, including August orientation, so students who attend later sessions and August orientation are not at a disadvantage.