Placement Tests

Placement tests help you and your advisor determine the appropriate classes for you to take; you will not receive academic credit for placement tests.

Miami requires placement tests in Foreign Language for some incoming students. 

Math Placement Testing (if applicable)

Miami uses ACT or SAT math sub-scores to determine course placement in a number of academic areas like: chemistry, computer science & software engineering, information systems & analytics, mathematics, physics, and statistics, among others.

If these test scores are not provided, a placement test score will be used.  The test must be completed a week prior to a student's academic advising appointment at orientation and it will inform the advising conversation and may impact course registration.

Students are expected to take the placement test seriously and honestly.  In May, students who need to take the placement test will receive an email invitation via their Miami account to an online course and will have one attempt to complete it.  The test is timed (90 minutes) and students may not use a calculator.  This test does not award academic credit.

Foreign Language Placement Testing

After reading these details about foreign language placement tests, please access testing materials online through the link below. These tests are very important and deserve your careful attention. Please take your foreign language placement test at least five business days prior to your academic advising appointment, or your course registration will likely be disrupted.

  • You are required to study a foreign language if: your major is in the College of Arts & Science, you are majoring in Teacher Education with a foreign language emphasis, or you have a major in the College of Creative Arts that requires a foreign language.
  • If you are planning (or required) to study a foreign language, you should take a placement test in every language you've previously studied - even if you are considering starting a new language.
  • Placement tests are taken online at the Interactive Language Resource Center website and are offered for French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Placement advice guides are available for: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. More information about these can be found via the Interactive Language Resource Center website.
  • Students interested in continuing their study of American Sign Language should communicate with the department of Speech Pathology & Audiology (call 513-529-2500 or email for placement information.
  • If you do not take your foreign language placement test at least five business days prior to your orientation academic advising appointment, your course registration will likely be disrupted.
  • Note that tests are diagnostic in nature and are used for course placement. Foreign language placement tests do not award academic credit.
  • Upon completion of each placement test, print your score or record it in a safe place, as you may need to refer to your scores during academic advising. 
Foreign Language Placement Test details and testing materials