Healthy Together with Parent & Family Programs

Building Access & Hours

The Office of the Parent & Family Programs (PFP) is located in Warfield Hall 110. Warfield Hall is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Please observe posted precautions when entering, accessing, and exiting the building.

Lounges & Public Spaces

The reception area and seating are designated for use by guests who are awaiting an appointment. Limited seating is available so it is recommended that you arrive promptly at the time of your scheduled appointment. Guests should observe all posted precautions including physical distancing, handing sanitizing upon entry and use of face coverings.

Cleaning & Maintenance

PFP partners with Miami University Physical Facilities Department to coordinate regular cleaning and disinfecting of all common areas and staff offices.

Office Areas & Workstations

Office areas and workstations are limited to individual access unless there is a need for a face to face meeting with recommended precautions such as use of face covering, plexiglass partition and physical distancing.

Programs & Events

Student organizations hosting off campus events are expected to follow the current Ohio orders regarding event location, attendance, activity. This includes all off-campus events hosted by student organizations, fraternities and sororities, affiliated student organizations, and sport clubs.

  • At this time, formals, socials, philanthropy activities, alumni gatherings, moms and dad weekends, and most large scale events that involve gathering at banquet or event centers are not permitted by the Ohio orders. As this changes, guidance will change.
  • Events that do meet the parameters of the Ohio orders should be conducted with the health and safety of members, attendees, and the vendors/staff of the establishment in mind.
  • We ask our students to make good choices and encourage behavior that helps prevent community spread of COVID-19. Face coverings should be required and physical distancing should be encouraged. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations should be available.
  • Hosting an event at a private residence that brings large numbers of people together who do not live in the same residence is strongly discouraged as this type of event has been shown to be a source of rapid community spread.

Staffing Schedules and Meetings

PFP staff work on a full time basis and observe a staggered hybrid schedule. All meetings and appointments will be conducted virtually, except under extraordinary circumstances. Contact PFP to schedule an appointment: