October Resources and Conversations

Here are October action items, campus resources, conversation starters for you and your student.

Midterm exams and assignments

As students move towards the halfway point in the semester, midterms begin for most classes. Midterms may not be one specific exam and often come in many different forms depending on the class. Projects, presentations, or exams are some common forms of midterms that your student may encounter. This can be a stressful time for students, as they draw from all of the information they have been learning the past months. If they are worried about exams, they should discuss support options with their professor, tutor, or peer study groups.

Wellness resources

Around this time in the Fall semester, stress and changing weather can lead to sickness and mental health challenges. To keep your student healthy, encourage them to visit a Flu Shot Clinic on campus or explore mental health resources available through Student Counseling Services.

FAFSA available for 2022-2023

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows students to receive needs-based financial support through the federal government. October 1 is the first date the FAFSA is available for the following academic year. For more information on FAFSA dates and deadlines, visit the FAFSA page on the One Stop site.

Conversation starters and questions to ask:

  • What midterm assignments and exams do you have this month and how are you preparing to successfully complete them?
  • What are you doing to keep yourself healthy as coursework gets busier? How's your exercise, eating, and sleeping going? Are you considering getting a flu shot this fall?
  • What are you missing most about home that we can send or help you miss a bit less? Remember, missing the people and routines of home is completely normal.
  • Have you made an appointment yet with your academic advisor to talk about next semester and your goals for your time at Miami?