Residence Hall Move In

We look forward to your safe arrival on campus for the new academic year. Please check this website several times before arrival as information is being added and updated.

Updated August 10, 2021

Approval to Move In to the Residence Halls and On-Campus Apartments

As a student living on campus, you play a key part in keeping your neighbors and fellow community members healthy. To be approved to move into the residence halls or on-campus apartments you must either:

  • upload your proof of COVID-19 vaccination to MedProctor prior to August 2, or
  • upload proof of a positive PCR COVID-19 test within the past 90 days prior to August 2, or
  • get vaccinated at Millett Hall upon arrival, or
  • get tested for COVID-19 at Millett Hall upon arrival.

If you successfully upload your COVID-19 vaccination records or recent positive COVID-19 test, you will receive an email approval that allows you to bypass Millett Hall and go directly to your residence hall. 

For more information on how to upload your proof of vaccination please visit the website of the Student Health Service.

If you opt to not get the COVID-19 vaccine, you must be tested at Millett Hall before moving into the residence halls and on-campus apartments. To minimize waiting on your move-in day, please print, complete and bring the required Millett testing forms to the testing site at Millett Hall when you arrive in Oxford.

Move In Day Questions and Answers

When do students move into the residence halls and on-campus apartments?

All residential students will be notified of their specific day and time in their housing assignment email which will be sent from the Campus Services Center no later than the first week of August. 

Generally, first-year students will move in on Wednesday and Thursday, August 18 and 19, 2021. Some students arrive early if they are associated with a particular program (e.g. pre-semester programs such as Miami Bound or MADE@Miami, marching band, etc.). These students receive separate communication from the office that sponsors the program. 

Upper class students will be assigned to move in on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, August 20-22, 2021.

Students will also be assigned a time block when they should move in on their move-in day.

What if students lose or accidentally delete their assignment email?

Contact the Campus Services Center

Once students are moved in, how long should families stay on campus?

An corridor or all-hall meetings are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on students' day of arrival. Most students will join their corridor for dinner in the nearest dining hall at 5 or 5:30 p.m. The meetings are followed by corridor meetings. Welcome Weekend activities continue that night and go throughout the weekend. Most family members depart after helping their students get into their rooms and somewhat settled. 

Will there be help moving students belongings in on move-in days?

Hundreds of upper class students volunteer to help new students move into the residence halls. These students are from student organizations including fraternities, sororities and athletic teams. We cannot guarantee that a volunteer will be at your car when you pull in, but many students and families get assistance from these volunteers. Staff from the Physical Facilities Department may also be on hand to help you unload. There are no volunteers to help second-year students move into the residence halls.

Where may we park our vehicle once the student is moved-in?

After you have unloaded your vehicle, you may park for free in the North Campus Parking Garage (near the Baseball Stadium), the Campus Avenue Parking Garage (near the Rec Center), or in the Millet Hall or Ditmer parking lots. There are several smaller parking lots designated for move-in parking on move-in days as well. Please do not park your vehicle adjacent to the residence halls.  You may temporarily pull in close to your residence hall to unload, but should not park there.

If I show up before 9 a.m. may we start moving in early?

No. The Residence Life staff will not be ready to check students in until your assigned arrival time. There is no advantage to getting to campus early. In fact, most traffic back-ups occur early in the morning.

Do the buildings have elevators for use during move-in?

Many of the residence halls for first-year students have elevators for use during move-in. Even if your building does not have an elevator, the good news is that our buildings are only three stories high.

May we ship students' items to campus?

Every year many families ship belongings to campus before arriving, so University Mail Services is well prepared for this to occur. Please follow this example on the labels of your packages:

Student Name
Miami University
Room Number and Residence Hall Name
Residence Hall Street Address
Oxford, OH 45056-Zip Ext.

The street address is available on students' MyCard webpage. 

All packages for students arrive to the University Mail Center at the Shriver Center. When a package arrives, the mail center will email the student at their Miami email address to inform them of the package. Students go to the mail center in the Shriver Center to claim their packages. Packages should NOT arrive before August 9 or they will get returned.  

What should we do with extra boxes after we unpack on move-in day?

Any cardboard boxes which you do not want to keep should be collapsed and taken out to the pile next to the trash dumpster outside of the building. The Physical Facilities Department will collect the cardboard for recycling. The cardboard tubes on which carpets are wrapped should also be recycled. Do not throw cardboard boxes in the trash dumpsters as they take up valuable space for trash. Miami is committed to recycling as much as possible.

Where can we eat on campus on move-in day?

Most dining halls are open on campus beginning at lunch on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. Students may begin to use their meal plan at this time. Family members are welcome to eat in the dining halls using credit card.

What is the first thing students are required to attend on move-in day?

Students will join their hall mates for dinner at a dining hall at about 5:30 p.m. All students must attend the all-hall meeting at their residence hall at 6:30 p.m. At that meeting they will meet the residence life staff in their residence hall, begin to meet other residents of the building, and hear important information about the building. Immediately after the all-hall meeting, students will meet with their RAs and corridor-mates to begin the community building process.

What if we get delayed and cannot arrive by 5:30 p.m. on move-in day?

Contact the Campus Services Center at 513-529-5000 to make check-in arrangements and guarantee your room assignment.

Who can I call if I have further questions not answered here?

Review the contact information for Residence Life and the Campus Services Center, and an explanation of the responsibility of each office. 

Starting August 17, 2021, you can contact the Move-In Call Center at 513-529-9000.