Captioning and Interpreting Procedures

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides captioning and interpreting services to qualified students. 

Tips for Students Working with Interpreters

  • Communicate your language preference to your interpreter. They are willing to modify to your needs (ASL, PSE, English, etc.)
  • Provide your interpreter with materials you will use in your presentation, class discussion, or lectures which may help your interpreter to effectively convey information to your instructors and peers.
  • It is recommended to give feedback to your interpreters throughout the semester so that the service can be modified to your needs.
  • If you have a preferred sign you would like to use, please tell your interpreter.

Tips for Students Working with a Captionist

  • Be sure to provide a copy of your syllabus and any list of vocabulary for your classes to your captionist.
  • Captionists are not required to begin captioning until you arrive at the class or event. Therefore, any notes you may receive from the captionist will not cover the time you missed.
  • Transcripts are available on your SAM portal. You will also receive email notification through your Miami email once they are available.

Follow these steps to access your transcript:

  1. Go to SAM: Students Accessing Miami.

  2. Select Sign In. Please enter your Miami Unique ID if prompted.

  3. Select Communication Access under the My Accommodations section located on the left hand side of the screen.

  4. Scroll your page down until your see your classes listed.

  5. Select Available Transcripts for download.

Tardiness/Absences/Schedule Changes

The service provider will wait 15 minutes for a 50-minute class and 30 minutes for classes longer than 1 hour. If you do not arrive to class within these timelines, and have not notified SDS and your service provider, the service provider is instructed to leave. Please remember it is your responsibility to notify SDS anytime your schedule changes – this includes dropped and or added classes, canceled classes, prolonged illness, etc.


If you need a service provider for a meeting (such as a meeting with a professor during his/her office hours), lecture or class-related activity, please contact your access coordinator.