Western Lodge and WRA Cabin Reservation Policy

  • Fire Code Capacity - WRA Cabin: 40, Western Lodge: 40
  • Western Lodge and WRA Cabin are non-smoking buildings
  • Burning candles is prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in both buildings and surrounding grounds.

Reservation Policy

Reservations are not available at Western Lodge or WRA Cabin during university holidays/extended holiday weekend or when the university closes due to extreme weather conditions (risk management issues/limited campus services). If a reservation occurs when the university closes due to inclement weather, reservations will be cancelled. If applicable, fees will be refunded to the customer.

Student Organizations and University Department Reservations

Western Lodge and WRA Cabin may be reserved by registered student organizations and University departments for social events up to one year in advance - free of charge. Reservations for student organizations’ events are available from 7:30 am to midnight and are requested through the Hub. Groups may not go in before or stay after reserved time. Departments may call the Office of Student Activities (513-529-2266) to make a reservation.

Keys: Pick-Up and Return 

Building keys must be picked up Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm from 2026 Armstrong Student Center. Keys must be returned the next business day. Student organizations will be charged for keys not returned and will be subject to the loss of future reservation privileges.

Facilities Guidelines

Contact Miami University Police Department or Physical Facilities Department for problems or issues. Either facility must be cleaned and left in good condition upon leaving. Cleaning supplies (broom, vacuum, trash bags, etc.) are provided. Fires must be extinguished, trash must be collected and deposited in receptacles outside, lights turned off, windows closed and doors locked. Furniture may be moved, but must be returned to original position (do not place directly in front of heating units). WRA Cabin’s thermostat may be turned higher to warm the building – be sure to turn back to 55˚ before leaving. Western Lodge’s heat is provided by the university’s geothermal energy system and is regulated by the Physical Facilities Department – call 513-529-7000 for assistance with heat adjustments. 


Student organizations will incur fees associated with any building/grounds damages or extra cleaning required as a result of a group’s negligence and will be subject to the loss of future reservation privileges.

Private Party Reservations

Private party reservations for Western Lodge and WRA Cabin are available when Miami University classes are not in session (i.e. fall break, spring break, and several weeks during the summer months). Both facilities are closed during university holidays and extended weekends. You must be 21 years of age to rent either facility. Reservations are available from 7:30am to midnight. Private groups are not permitted to go in prior to reserved time or stay past reserved time. Private party rental fee is $60 (subject to change) - payment must be cash or a personal check and is paid when key is picked up. Call the Office of Student Activities for additional information.