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There are no charges to student organizations for SLANT's design services - all services are free to student organizations!

Please use SLANT's Request Our Services Form (located in the Hub) for initial request, and be as specific as possible when filling in the service form - follow the link, then please scroll down to the "Forms" section to and click "Request Our Services.

Not sure about a design idea? A consultation meeting will be scheduled to discuss ideas and options. Meeting with a graphic designer often helps achieve the best design in the shortest amount of time. 

SLANT tries to adhere to the timeframe of two weeks - a rough draft within one week of starting the project, then another week for revisions. However, changes to the rough draft or a busy time for SLANT designers may result in a delayed timeline. SLANT will be sure to inform you of the project's timeline and progress on a regular bases.

Please contact with questions.