What We Do

Slant Logo

Logo for Left and Write, Oxford Writing Festival. Two halves of a brain in icon format with the left side in black and white and the right side in vibrant colors. Marketing and Design Services

Any officially recognized student organization or departmental organization at Miami has the opportunity to take advantage of the free creative services offered through SLANT Marketing and Design. 

Innovative Graphic Design

Tired of the same old sheet signs or painted banners? SLANT Marketing and Design provides student organizations logos, poster design, brochures, post cards, table tents, social media banners and cover photos and banners.

Digital DesignFlyer with black background and two sets of microphones flanking a design in the middle that reads Rock On Omicron, A Cappella Concert.

Student organizations are able to utilize TV’s around campus to advertise their organizations and events. SLANT Marketing and Design can provide still and video advertisements for student organizations that will loop on TVs across campus.

Event Signage

SLANT Marketing and Design is happy to assist student organizations with the creation of directional signage for events in the Armstrong Student Center and around campus.

Social Media Support

Does your student organization have a Facebook account? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Snapchat? SLANT Marketing and Design will assess and evaluate current social media mediums student orgs are taking advantage of and provide support to enhance student orgs presence through social media.

Brand DevelopmentLogo. A green circle with the word give through the center. The I in Give is the trunk of a tree that extends above the word. Through the roots of the tree are the words Miami University.

Understanding the basic principles of brand development may help you attract people to your student organization and or to your events on campus. SLANT Marketing and Design will help student organizations created a better brand by exploring three key elements: Who are you as an organization? Who needs to know about your organization? Why should they care? SLANT Marketing and Design will help student organizations develop a strong brand identity and improve the organizations brand integrity.