Advisor Workshops

Every year, the Center for Student Engagement, Activities and Leadership provides optional training and workshops for advisors on a monthly basis. Below, you can find our Spring 2022 schedule as well as a link to a playlist with archived training sessions.

We will be hosting three online advisor trainings this semester to help support our advisors. Below are the topics to be covered.

Wednesday | February 2
Back to Basics
Host: JS Bragg
When/Where: Zoom | Noon 
Topics: Covid updates, introduction to our staff and an overview of the resources provided by our office, and discussions on the role of a student organization advisor

Wednesday | March 2
Finances for Student Organizations
Hoste: Drew Davis
When/Where: Zoom | Noon
Topics: Review of major updates and changes to financial processes on campus, understanding advisor roles in approving Buyway requests, information on tracking organization finances, and an overview of the university contracting process

Wednesday | April 6
Risk, Liability, and Collin's Law
Hoste: Rosanne Gulley, Kimberly Vance, and Lori Minges
When/Where: Zoom | Noon
Topics: Advisor's role in mitigating risk and liability--this includes insurance requirements, minors attending organization events, etc; in depth explanation of an advisor's duty to report; and an overview of Collin's Law, Ohio's new hazing prevention and reporting legislation

To RSVP for any of these sessions or to give feedback, please fill out this short, 8-question survey. Please complete the form to provide feedback even if you are unable to attend the scheduled sessions. 

To view our prior advisor sessions, including our previous finance training, visit our Spring 2021 Advisor Training playlist. New playlist for this semester's trainings coming soon.

Past workshops have included: 

  • Finances and Funding
  • New Advisors (0-3 years of experience)
  • Mental Health
  • Advisor Resource Session: Leadership Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Advisor Resource Session: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion