DEI Values Statement

The Division of Student Life values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strives to root our work in these concepts through education, training, and celebration. These experiences develop student and staff knowledge, inspire transformation, and spark action to make Miami University a more inclusive community. 

Our priority is to provide students with the skills and experiences to help them grow as individuals and as members of the Miami community. We aim to work alongside them and to meet them where they are— so that they may grow throughout their Miami experience, and carry that growth into their life beyond our campus.

Through interactions with the Division of Student Life, students will:

  • Identify and describe their own social identities
  • Understand how social identities inform one's lived experience 
  • Identify how intersecting identities impact others
  • Learn about individual and systemic privilege and oppression, including microaggressions and implicit bias 
  • Employ effective ally behavior and explain how diversity, equity, and inclusion help create a healthy and positive campus 
  • Learn how to appropriately and productively discuss topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Recognize and effectively confront -isms (discriminatory actions, beliefs, and underlying assumptions) 
  • Explore concepts of resilience and self-care to begin building personal resources 
  • Apply inclusive language techniques that support diversity, equity, and inclusion goals  
  • Identify and challenge implicit biases in themselves and others
  • Seek diverse voices/perspectives to influence socially just and inclusive decisions and solutions

Our work is never done. We will continue to develop as professionals in order to be effective advocates, supports, and allies for all Miami students.

We are committed as staff in Student Life to understanding our power to influence change on campus and to using that power to create a more equitable and welcoming campus culture.