Health and Safety Letter

Subject:  Health and Safety Notes for Miami Students (Fall 2018)

Dear Miami Student:

Welcome to campus – or welcome back – for the 2018 fall semester. The Division of Student Life is ready to support you in your pursuit of a healthy and productive semester. With the help of this information, along with the academics and student-life email you also received, we hope you will be actively involved and enjoy good health and safe experiences this semester.

In preparation for the semester, please note the following safety and health resources Miami offers:

  • Personal Emergencies. For support and faculty notification of a death in the immediate family or an illness that requires hospitalization, contact the Office of the Dean of Students (513-529-1877) or regional campus Student Affairs (513-785-3211 or 513-727-3233)
  • Sexual and Interpersonal Violence. Support for victims of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking is available:
    • Confidential Resources (Speaking with these resources will not initiate a report to police or the university)
      • Student Counseling Service 513-529-4634
      • Medical staff at Student Health 513-529-3000
      • On-campus Women Helping Women confidential support specialist Sierra [Whitlock] at 513-431-1111 (phone or text)
    • Reporting Resources (Speaking with these resources will initiate a report with police and/or university)
  • Physical/Mental Health. The Student Counseling Service and Student Health Services are located in the Health Services Center on Campus Avenue (Oxford). Counseling is also available in 130 Rentschler Hall (Hamilton) and 14 Johnston Hall (Middletown).
  • Missing Student. If you believe a Miami University student is missing, please notify the Miami University Police Department, 513-529-2222.
  • After-Hours Safe Ride. If you need a safe ride at night, call the BCRTA SafeRide after-hours safe escort service (855-42-BCRTA). Always use the buddy system.
  • Alcohol-related Emergency. If you see a student who is in need of medical attention due to alcohol or drug use, step up and call for help. Miami University will not take disciplinary action for a violation of Miami’s drug or alcohol policies against those students who seek emergency medical assistance for themselves or other students (Good Samaritan Policy). When a person’s health and/or safety is threatened or appears to be at risk from alcohol or drug consumption, the best course of action is to:
    • Call 911
    • Call the Miami University Police Department at 513-529-2222
    • Seek assistance from a resident assistant (RA) or resident hall director; or
    • Utilize the McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, 110 North Poplar, 513-523-2111

Lastly, it is important to remember as Miamians we value a safe and welcoming community. It is every community member’s responsibility to commit to the principles of mutual respect and positive engagement – principles that are an integral part of Miami’s values, goals, and mission. Behavior inconsistent with these values should be challenged and reported. Miami’s “No Hate Initiative,” “What you Should Know” and “Bias Incident Reporting” websites provide information about how to recognize hateful or biased behavior, how to respond, how to report it, and what each of us can do to make a difference. At all times, let’s honor our values and treat each other with civility, respect, and care.

Wishing you a healthy and productive semester.

Kimberly Moore, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Faculty and Staff Safety and Wellness Reminder

Faculty and Staff receive a letter from the Dean of Students and the Chief of Miami University Police at the start of every semester with information about emergencies, classroom disruptions, and support for student illnesses, absences, and mental health concerns.

The contents of this letter can be found at Student Well-Being and Classroom Safety

Emergency 911

Miami University Police 513.529.2222

Student Counseling Service 513.529.4634

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 513.529.1870

Miami U Bias Reporting

BCRTA Safe Ride 513.785.5237 or 1.855.42.BCRTA (1.855.422.2782)

BCRTA ADA (Disability Service) 513.785.5237 or 1.855.42.BCRTA (1.855.422.2782)

Oxford Police 513.523.4321

Community Counseling & Crisis Center 1.844.427.4747