Comprehensive Reporting

The Code of Love and Honor in the Shade Family Room of Armstrong

Miami condemns racist and discriminatory behavior in our Miami community and we reject all forms of hatred, racism, bigotry, intimidation, intolerance and violence. We support the members of our community who stand against bigotry and intolerance, and we encourage members of the community to report bias-related incidents through the Bias Incident Reporting Form. This form provides the entire Miami University community a mechanism for reporting incidents involving acts of hate or bias due to age, ancestry, color, disability, sex or gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, race, religious belief, sexual orientation, military or veteran status.

n the aftermath of reporting an incident of bias, our priority is to offer existing resources to support impacted individuals. At Miami University, we are committed to advancing the institutional values of diversity, inclusion and respect. Invitations to engage in a conversation and dialogue are voluntary and in the spirit of education and reflection. Bias Reporting is not a disciplinary process.

What have we done so far?

The Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI) recently released a statement on racist and discriminatory behavior. The statement recognizes that "human behavior is complex and every person is socialized to interpret language and behavior based on their identity and experiences. This does not excuse racist behavior that has been demonstrated by faculty, staff, or students on this campus."

We recently took extensive steps to make the Incident Reporting Form more readily available to the Miami community, including:

  • This topic was incorporated in the summer orientation “community expectations” session beginning in summer 2018.
  • The dean of students sends out an email each term that includes this information. For students, it is in both the health and safety and the academic letters. For faculty and staff, it is included in the “critical incidents” letter outlining resources on campus.
  • The Office of Residence Life will ensure that this information is covered as part of the first hall meeting in August.
  • A quick link to the existing bias reporting form has been added in prominent places on several student life websites, including:MyMiami Quick Links with added button for Bias Reporting
    • Front page of Student Life (action button)
    • Women*s Center support and referral page
    • Front page of the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion  (action button)
    • It already existed on the LGBTQ* Services homepage
    • The Student Life care and concern page
    • Dean of Students homepage
  • The bias reporting link was added to myMiami as a quick link.

Miami has funded and empowered the Office of Institutional Diversity, which reports directly to President Crawford, to:

  • serve as a clearinghouse for diversity issues,
  • provide expert counsel and guidelines to ensure that diverse candidates are considered in faculty and staff searches,
  • develop a diversity website ( as a one-stop shop for Miami’s diversity programming, and
  • advocate for diversity at the highest levels of university leadership.

Miami's Office of General Counsel has met with students regarding the adjudication procress for bias-related incidents. 

Looking ahead

Moving forward, the Council on Diversity and Inclusion plans to post updates on their website outlining the topics under discussion and listing tasks accomplished each term.

The Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution recently got a new name. The new Office of Community Standards reflects a shift in focus for the office, emphasizing a more proactive, educational approach based on our community’s values and expectations.

We continue to develop alternatives for students, faculty and staff to use to report issues that affect our campus life. For example, the Student Concern Management System allows faculty and staff to report students in distress, with reports going anonymously to the Student Counseling Service. 

In 2019-2020, the Dean of Students Office will launch a proactive campaign educating students about bias reporting.