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Miami Health Services

Miami Health Services provides an integrated, holistic approach to care that empowers students, employees and dependents to be their healthiest while maximizing efficiencies in the health center.

16,000 annual student visits 2,000 annual employee visits at Miami Health ServicesEngagement

The Health Services Clinic seeks to engage the young adult population of students we serve via assessment of the readiness for each unique individual to be actively engaged in the management of their own healthcare needs. The health center assists in the transition from pediatric care to young adult care.

Focusing on the unique needs of populations, we have made improvements to services such as decreasing language barriers. Via this focus, the office has obtained telephonic medical grade interpreting services, providing access to over 200 languages. Additionally we have successfully translated key privacy and consent documents as well as our top 25 discharge teaching instruction guidelines to meet the needs of our community.


Managed by Tri-Health since 2014, using a mixture of Miami and Tri-Health employees, Miami Health Services addresses the acute and ongoing medical needs of the student population and of faculty, staff and dependents of the university. The clinic manages 150-180 student patient visits per day, dispensing nearly 16,000 prescriptions annually to students via our in- house pharmacy.

Key Facts & Figures

  • Annual Student Immunizations: 1,200 travel medicine and general vaccinations
  • Employee Statistics: 1,350 vaccinations and approximately 2,000 biometric screenings