Refer a student

Common concerns or issues that might indicate appropriateness of Student Counseling Service (SCS) include:

  • Reference to suicide
    • All references to suicide need to be taken seriously. It is all right to ask directly, "Are you having thoughts about suicide?" If the student's response is affirmative, a call to consult with SCS is warranted. If a student talks about or alludes to details of how, when, and where of a suicidal plan, immediate consultation and referral is critical.
  • Changes in mood/behavior
  • Depression
  • Learning problems (may indicate underlying problems)
  • Career concerns
  • Retention issues

When you might not want to deal with it yourself:

  • The problem feels too much for you to deal with
  • You know the student in a non-professional way (friend, relative, neighbor)
  • You don't feel you will be of help to them
  • The student seems hesitant to talk with you about it
  • The student asks for a referral

How to refer:

  • Let the student know specifically what it is that you are concerned about
  • Make it clear that your referral represents your best judgment about what would be of help to them
  • Let them know what they could expect if they were to come in
  • Let them know that they, of course, have the right not to take the referral

If they do agree to the referral:

  • Have them call SCS to make the appointment or call with them present 
  • If they are unable to come in on their own, call the SCS for assistance
  • It is good to follow up with the student to let them know that you are interested in how things are going (you don't have to pry)
  • After the student's appointment, SCS cannot discuss their case with you without a release of information signed by the student 
  • If they do not agree to the referral and you are concerned for their safety, call SCS and consult with a staff member

What happens when they come in:

  • Students will schedule an initial appointment, usually within the week (can do this same day if an emergency)
  • Students will meet with a counselor to discuss the presenting issues, usually about one hour
  • The counselor will help the student get connected with appropriate services


During the day, there are emergency time slots for students in immediate need, and students can typically be seen that day. Simply call or have the student call SCS (513-529-4634).

For urgent consultations outside of business hours, please contact the HOPE Line (855-249-5649), a 24-hour hotline staffed by crisis specialists. For life-threatening emergencies, please call 9-1-1.