Campus Assistance Program

Pyramid with three layers - Text reading Students at the top, Faculty and Staff in the second layer and Miami University and Community in the bottom layer. MU-CAP, Miami University Campus Assistance Program

Many college students struggle with psychosocial, educational, and other issues that have adverse impacts on their lives. Miami University is seeking ways to identify and better support students who may be dealing with these issues.

The goals of the Campus Assistance Program are to: 

  • Educate and increase awareness of mental health issues among faculty, staff, and students. Bring awareness about how psychosocial struggles impact students’ academic performance, class attendance, health, and behavior.
  • Reach out to the students who feel isolated, marginalized, and are less likely to seek help for their distress.
  • Offer and promote appropriate services that best meet students’ needs.

These goals will be achieved by:

  • Enhancing faculty, staff, and student awareness of behaviors indicating a student may benefit from intervention.
  • Increasing the number of faculty, staff, and students prepared to reach out to these students.
  • Partnering with student support services throughout the university and community to provide consultation, referral, and case management for identified students.

For more information contact Jennifer Young, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Outreach & Consultation at 529-4634, or email to

Campus Assistance Program Resource List

Steps to assisting students in need:

  1. Identify--that the student is at risk
  2. Inquire--by personally communicating your concerns and observations
  3. Encourage--the student to seek help
  4. Refer--the student to the appropriate service (commonly used services are provided below)


  1. Miami University Police 529-2222 or 9911
  2. Butler County Crisis 24 Hr. Hotline 844-427-4747
  3. McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital 523-2111
  4. Oxford Police 523-4321 or 911


  1. Miami University Student Health Service 529-3000
  2. McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital 523-2111
  3. Miami Access-Student Medical Transport 593-2715
  4. Rape & Sexual Assault (Women helping women) 381-5610

Personal, Emotional, Behavioral:

  1. Dean of Students/Institutional Response Team 529-1877
  2. Student Counseling Service 529-4634
  3. Psychology Clinic 529-2423
  4. Butler County Crisis 24 Hr. Hotline 844-427-4747
  5. Rape & Sexual Assault (Women helping women) 381-5610
  6. Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence and Harassment Resources 529-2277
  7. Student Wellness 529-5047
  8. Women's Center 529-1510
  9. Office of Diversity Affairs 529-6504
  10. Miller Center for Student Disability Services 529-1541

For general MU community:

We offer training workshops on a variety of topics for student groups and organizations, faculty, staff, university departments, residence halls, etc. For further details about these programs, see Educational Workshops, or call us at 529-4634.

We also offer a consultation services for students, staff, and faculty who might want to discuss how to help someone who is struggling with a personal concern. These services are offered by special appointments, over the phone and at drop-in times at a number of departments and organizations in campus that we have ongoing consultation services through, such as: Women*s Center and Men against Rape and Sexual Assault (MARS).

Consultation services for faculty and staff:

We offer individual consultation with faculty and staff. At times, faculty and/or staff members become concerned about a student they are working with and have questions about how to help the student, including how to refer them to the Student Counseling Service. Call us and we will consult with you about your concerns. For more information about referral issues, see Information for Faculty and Staff.

To request an outreach program or consultation for your residence hall, department, classroom, or campus group, contact Dr. Jennifer Young, Assistant Director for Outreach & Consultation.