woman tabling for the womens center
people at the made at miami social
people posing at the global sisterhood event
 office of diversity affairs staff
 people at a women's center event

Dating back to 1969, what would become known as the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion has a long and rich history of serving those in need on Miami University’s campus. From the educational, social, and professional development of Black students, to the enrichment of Multicultural students on campus, and the most recent merger of Women’s & LGBTQ+ initiatives; the center has long stood as a beacon of diversity in the Miami community.

Today, the center serves both the LGTBQ+ community and the Intercultural community at Miami through initiatives, programming, and resources to enhance the collegiate experiences for our students. The rich history of our center has made us a true hub of multicultural engagement. The staff works tirelessly to make Miami feel like home to those students who do not often see themselves when they walk into a room. The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion is and has always been a place of belonging for our students with marginalized identities, a place that feels like home, and a place that reminds them that “You Belong Here”.