Healthy Together with Student Diversity & Inclusion

Appointments & Meetings

Meetings will be held virtually whenever possible. Students are encouraged to set up virtual appointments (via Google appointment function and Google Meet) by visiting CSDI's LinkTree or they can reach out to the Center staff at or individual staff members to schedule 1-on-1 meetings with staff members.

Walk-in or emergency face-to-face appointments will be available when needed. Staff members will utilize plexiglass partitions, maintain physical distancing regulations, and masks will be required. There will be taped off sections to indicate physical distance requirements within the offices and/or a larger conference room will be utilized.

Building Access & Hours

The CSDI’s hours for ASC 2030 will be Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time, with in-person staff rotating coverage.

Campus partners will not provide in-person office hours in the CSDI.

Cleaning & Maintenance

CSDI partners with Miami University’s Physical Facilities Department to coordinate regular cleaning and disinfecting of all common areas.

CSDI is also equipped with disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for use by students and other visitors. Students using common lounge spaces will be encouraged to wipe down their area upon exiting.

CSDI staff will maintain regularly scheduled cleaning throughout the day.

Information Desk & Reception

A plexiglass partition has been installed at the reception desk for staff and visitor safety.

Lounges & Public Spaces

CSDI’s lounge spaces in Armstrong Student Center 2030 and 3032 will be available for students to use. Furniture will be spaced at least 6 feet apart in accordance with physical distancing regulations and all visitors will be expected to wear facial coverings when in Center spaces. Disposable masks will be available for those who don’t bring their own.

The front door of Armstrong Student Center 2030 will be an entrance only door and the side and back doors will be exit only.

The kitchen will only be available for professional staff use. Beverages (water, coffee/tea) and snacks will not be provided by the CSDI.

All paper brochures/information will be stored and distributed digitally when possible.

Occupancy for Event Spaces & Policies

At this time, indoor events cannot exceed 10 people. The University and CSDI staff will monitor the changing regulations and recommendations and adjust accordingly.

The number of visitors in the CSDI may not exceed the number of seats available.

We ask that visitors in the CSDI be mindful of time spent in the Center if there are no open seats, so all those who want to utilize the space have the opportunity to do so. The CSDI staff will actively monitor space utilization and will make any necessary changes.

Office Areas & Workstations

Staff will wear facial coverings in the CSDI unless they are alone in their own offices.

The student computer lab will be closed and printing will be unavailable.

There will be two computers in the back lounge space for emergency use for students. Plexiglass partitions will be placed between the workstations.

Programs & Events

All programs and events will be moved to a virtual format and/or a hybrid model when possible.

Up-to-date programming information will be shared on the CSDI social media platforms.

Staffing Schedules

The Center will be staffed in-person on a rotating schedule with no more than two professional staff in the office at a time Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Staff can be reached remotely while in the office/not in the office and will continue to observe regular working hours.