Please use the following local and campus resources to get involved, find support, and learn more. 

  • Black Women Empowered. Promotes the creation of a safe and supportive community of like-minded peers with the protection, empowerment, and liberation of ALL Black women at the forefront. 
  • UNIDOS. An undergraduate student organization that promotes understanding, appreciation, and celebration of Latinx and Hispanic culture. 
  • Middle Eastern Students Association. An undergraduate student organization that advocates for and promotes awareness of Middle Eastern students, culture, and issues. 
  • Hillel. An organization that seeks to engage, connect, and empower students to explore their Jewish identity and create vibrant Jewish community. 
  • Black Student Action Association. An undergraduate organization that seeks to provide a home away from home for Black students, while hosting social events and raising awareness of issues facing Black students. 
  • Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, 513-529-6504. Provides programming and activities, as well as a physical space in Armstrong Student Center, for students with marginalized identities. 
  • Myaamia Center. Serves the needs of the Myaamia people, Miami University, and partner communities through research, education, and outreach that promote Myaamia language, culture, knowledge, and values.
  • Muslim Student Association. Creates a friendly and diverse community of people who share an interest in Islam. 
  • Asian American Association. Provides a community of students with opportunities to discuss and share the history, culture, and values of their Asian and American heritage.