Two Requirements for Your Student(s)

The Student Health Service imposes two requirements on Oxford campus students. One is for all new students; one is for all full-time students. Both can be managed on this website.

All new students taking classes on the Oxford campus must submit an immunization form. It helps us maintain a healthy student population. Noncompliance causes a registration hold (block) for second semester classes.

All full-time Oxford students are required to be covered by medical insurance. To this end, the University bills all full-time students for insurance on the fall semester invoice. You/your student may waive this insurance by completing an electronic insurance waiver. The student's unique ID and e-mail password must be used. Make sure the waiver is submitted; print a confirmation for your records. 

This waiver must be completed each year and it asks for details of the policy that does cover your student. Once we confirm alternate coverage, your student’s bursar bill is credited.

The electronic waiver is activated in June and weekly e-mails are sent to your student’s university e-mail address inviting a response. The deadline to submit the waiver and receive full credit on the bursar bill is August 1. No other action is acceptable; the electronic waiver is the only way to receive a full credit. Once the waiver has been processed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your student’s University account.

Although your student is medically treated as an adult, we recognize your ability to support their navigation through new policies and requirements. While your instinct may be to complete these requirements for your student, your co-operative action with your student is more beneficial.

Please direct any questions to