Leadership Philosophy

Do you agree?

"Leadership is consistent; it is the environment that changes."

The Wilks Leadership Institute believes that everyone possesses some level of leadership capacity. This is the ability to exercise influence over another towards a desired, and hopefully shared, outcome. These interactions happen on a daily basis time and time again. This capacity can be exercised in very formal, positional ways or in much more informal ways. In either case, many of the same principles, characteristics, competencies and strategies exist. 

Our core purpose is to develop ethical and transformational leadership in Miami University students to ensure graduates are prepared and inspired to serve and lead beyond the university.

To accomplish our core purpose, we utilize two key frameworks to shape our work: Domains of Student Development & Fundamental Tenets of Leadership Development.

Domains of Student Development

To provide structure to developmental initiatives, the Institute creates and programs within five domains of development. These five domains are critical in holistic student development.

  • Knowledge
  • Relationships
  • Ethics
  • Well-Being
  • Service

Fundamental Tenets of Leadership Development

The Institute also utilizes four tenets of leadership development that augment the five domains. As the five domains are critical in holistic student development, the four tenets are more specifically aligned with leadership development.

  • Growth and Authenticity
  • Character and Responsibility
  • Innovation and Vision
  • Empowerment and Engagement