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Miami Strengths

Welcome to the home of Strengths-based leadership at Miami University! The CliftonStrengths Assessment as helped over 18 million people lead with their strengths. Accoding to Gallup, people who use their Strengths are:

  • 6 times as likely to be engaged at work
  • 6 times as likely to do what they do best every day, and
  • 7.8% more productive in their role

Top 5 Ways to Engage with Strengths at Miami University

  1. Get your student organization's executive board, RA staff, or class to take the CliftonStrengths Assessment and talk about hor your Strengths arrange themselves throughout your team
  2. Schedule a peer coaching session and come to Warfield 109 to learn about your Strengths in action
  3. Explore our Strengths site and dive into resources provided by Gallup to better understand your Strengths!
  4. Come to the Pelmutter Leadership Conference or MPACT that are put on to focus on Naming, Claiming, and Aiming your Strengths!
  5. Using Strengths in an interview is a great way to talk to a potential employer about you as an individual.

Not convinced yet? Check out a Miami student's journey with strengths. 

Kayla MalaneyKayla Malaney

Top 5 Strengths: Input - Harmony - Learner - Context - Connectedness

Over this past year, I have really gotten to know my Top 5 Strengths by partaking in deep dives and self-reflections. Through this process, I have built an awareness of how I utilize my Top 5 and ways that I can incorporate my Top 5 more often. As a result, I have begun to take more notice to my Top 5 Strengths and how I used them on a daily basis.

My Top 5 consist of strategic thinking and relationship building domains. What that means for my leadership style is that I am an informed decision-maker who takes the time to build strong relationships with the people whom my decisions will affect or include. I use my Input to gather information and seek feedback from others in order to make a well-informed decision. When I detect a conflict on the horizon, I use my Harmony to prevent that conflict from arising and keep stakeholders in balance with one another. My Learner serves to direct my exploration of knowledge of a topic or idea that is important in the decision-making process. I use my Context to ask detailed, critical questions and gain more information about the background of a situation or issue that is key to making a decision. And my Connectedness not only allows me to establish personal relationships with others, but I also use it to connect various ideas, beliefs, and values that pertain to a broader issue.

After digging deeper into my Top 5 Strengths, I created a template that I use to log my daily use of my Top 5 Strengths. At the end of everyday, I reflect on the day and chart which Strengths I have used and how I used them. I also created a Strengths Spreadsheet that I use to record and collect data on my daily and weekly use of my Top 5. This process of logging my Strengths has allowed me to see my growth and progression in using Strengths as well as to focus each day on finding ways to incorporate my Strengths more often. My Strengths log has served as a daily reminder that Strengths are an important part of my life and shape me as a leader.