Collegiate Leadership Competition

The 2020 Regional Collegiate Leadership Competition will be hosted at Miami University!

On April 29th, 2017, Miami University hosted its first Regional Collegiate Leadership Competition. The Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) is a non-profit college leadership program that creates a dynamic practice field where students apply what they're learning in a context that stretches them to the boundaries of their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. CLC makes leadership a real, tangible experience for the future of corporate and organizational leaders. If you have any questions about CLC at Miami University, please contact for additional information. 

The Process

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Each fall, coaches recruit 6 members per team. CLC provides the coaches with all necessary tools and resources to recruit


Practices are held on each respective campus in the Spring semester. Participants and coaches use this time to learn and practice the CLC Terms & Concepts. CLC provides team coaches with all necessary tools and resources to plan practices and prepare. 

The Competition

In April, teams from schools across each region participate in a high-energy, action-filled competition where participants put their knowledge and training to use. Unique activities are designed annually by CLC.

The Competition

Day One - Friday:

  • Welcome Reception
  • Share a meal, network, and hear from successful executives

Day Two -Saturday:

  • All-Team Meeting
  • Series of Activities and Challenges
  • Results

Benefits of Competing

  • Experience a life-changing learning opportunity
  • Develop leadership skills needed for professional careers
  • Increase understanding of personal strengths and areas for improvement
  • Grow a network by interacting with coaches, judges, peers, and community leaders
  • Serve as a representative for college at a national level
  • Build resume by showing dedication and commitment