Lessons in Leadership

Do you have a speaker you'd like to bring to campus? How about a local community member you admire? Is there a leadership-related topic you wish you could learn more about?

If any of these ring true for you, our Lessons in Leadership Team is here for your benefit!

Lessons in Leadership is a student-initiated dialogue series that aims to explore leadership within a variety of contexts. Students who attend connect their vision of leadership to discussion topics and are often provided with new perspectives. We’re here to help students and campus organizations bring speakers of their choosing to campus for the sake of engaging in meaningful leadership-based dialogue. 

Discussion-based Lectures

If you’re looking to reach a larger group, approximately 30-50 students attend each discussion-based lecture. In planning a lecture with us, you’ll have the opportunity to bring in a guest leader and exchange ideas about leadership in an informal setting where openness and authenticity are valued.

Breakfast, Brunch, & Luncheon Discussions

If you’re looking to engage in a smaller group, approximately 8-12 students attend each of these meals & have the chance to learn from a guest leader in the same manner as of our discussion based lectures. Food costs are covered by Wilks & we can assist with planning and promotion as needed.

Please contact wilksleadership@MiamiOH.edu with any questions.