Programs that Fulfill Red Brick Reward Requirements

Through the Office of Student Activities, the Red Brick Rewards Program is a new rewards program for student organizations to help student organizations reach their full potential. The program is a collaborative effort between the Associated Student Government and the Office of Student Activities. Student organizations meet various requirements to reach the different tiers of rewards. We work consistently to add new rewards to different levels. Below are events and programs that satisfy different tiers in the Rewards program:

SEAL Workshops

Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership is a student-initiated dialogue series that aims to explore leadership within a variety of contexts. Students who attend connect their vision of leadership to discussion topics and are often provided with new perspectives

Short Workshops

Knowledge and practice of each leadership tenets will provide you new perspectives and competencies that will increase your skills as both a formal and informal leader. The overarching learning outcomes for the workshops are:

  • Provide tangible strategies that can be implemented in diverse environments and situations.
  • Inspire participants to continue personal leadership development and take on leadership challenges.
  • Develop confidence in participants' leadership capabilities.

Tier 4 Leadership Training

Organization Leadership Development Workshops

Student Leadership Challenge

Your organization will learn about leadership by focusing on the different practices of the Student Leadership Challenge. In this workshop, groups learn through meaningful activities and by thinking in new ways. This workshop also includes conflict management reflections and action plan development.

Social Change Model of Leadership

Your organization will examine the “Seven C’s” of the Social Change Model. This workshop is very discussion and reflection based and is especially helpful in alleviating tension among members of a group. This workshop also includes conflict management reflections and action plan development.

Strengths events


Workshops are intended to build teamwork and educate each other on what each member brings to the group with similar goals or purpose.

Perlmutter Leadership Conference

The Perlmutter Leadership Conference is an annual, Strengths-based conference for 150 students where activities and discussions are facilitated to help explore natural talents and strengths. Students can attend as individuals or as part of a group.