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Leadership Starts Here!

Looking to mix-up your weekly meeting? Having trouble building a community and team-oriented group? Want to take leadership assessments and discuss the impact in your organization?

Requesting a Leadership Workshop is a great way to have members of the Wilks staff facilitate the needs of your organization while allowing members to actively participate. We can help students and staff infuse leadership into a group based on research methods and models that we individualize to your needs. Our workshops include teambuilding, group dynamics, and establishing group goals. In essence, we help to spark conversations that will continue after we have facilitated a workshop.

Interested? See below to begin requesting a workshop!

*Please note: If you are requesting a Strengths Workshop, you must complete the appropriate form on our Strengths page

Please contact with any questions.

How It Works

The Wilks staff facilitates programs that include interactive activities and conversations. Request a workshop from any of the topics below, and we will cater the outcomes to fit your needs. Programs will generally last between 30-90 minutes. We have worked with student organizations, offices, departments, and teams! To request a program, please fill out the form below with as much information you are able to provide. We ask that you submit a request at least 10 business days before the requested date of the program.

Topics Include:

  • Tier 4 Red Brick Rewards Leadership Training
    • Student Leadership Challenge
    • Social Change Model of Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication
  • Working in Teams
  • Strategic Planning/Goal Setting
  • Leadership/Personality Assessments

If interested, please complete the Request a Leadership Workshop Form. Contact with any questions.