Empowerment and Engagement

Empowerment and Engagement. A Wilks Leadership Workshop.

Do you wish to lead an organization where everyone feels trusted to work on their own to pursue ideas and solutions? An organization where people are engaged and committed? Do you desire for all members of the organization to contribute to something larger than themselves where their presence is valued? Attending this workshop will help you to understand the importance of empowering and engaging your members and developing strategies to maximize their commitment and effort. Additionally, participants will: 

  • Understand the theory behind motivation and effective communication;
  • Identify techniques to empower and engage members in an organization or group;
  • Discover the importance of working collaboratively with others.

This workshop is offered once per year, usually in the spring semester. Please contact wilksleadership@MiamiOH.edu for more information about future Empowerment and Engagement workshops for the 2018-2019 academic year.