Signature Workshops

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The Wilks Leadership Signature Workshops are based on four fundamental tenets of leadership development as defined in the Wilks leadership philosophy:

  • Growth and Authenticity
  • Character and Responsibility
  • Vision and Innovation
  • Empowerment and Engagement

Knowledge and practice of each of these tenets will provide you new perspectives and competencies that will increase your skills as both a formal and informal leader. The overarching learning outcomes for the Signature Workshops are:

  • Develop confidence in participants' leadership capabilities;
  • Provide tangible strategies that can be implemented in diverse environments and situations;
  • Inspire participants to continue personal leadership development and take on leadership challenges.

Workshops Scheduled for Spring 2018: 

Short Workshops (6:00-7:30pm) - ASC 1086 unless otherwise noted

  • February 21st - Change Management (KRE 224)

  • March 13th - Starfish Leadership (ASC 2080)

  • April 5th - Comic Book Leadership

  • April 18th - Leading Ethically

  • April 25th - Mission First, Team Always

Long Workshops (1:00-4:30pm) - ASC 1086 unless otherwise noted

Registration is available for all workshops!

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