Current Scholar Leaders

The selection for the current Scholar Leader Community was a highly selective process! We had 171 students apply during the spring 2017 semester for the 2017-2018 Scholar Leader Community. Of the applicants, 77 members were selected. 

2018-2019 Scholar Leader Profile

  • 73 live in Elliott Hall and Stoddard Hall
  • Elliott and Stoddard Halls are the two oldest residence halls at Miami (built in 1829 and 1836, respectively). During the summer of 2011 these halls went through major renovations to install geothermal heating and cooling. Read more about this renovation project.
  • 66 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 3 seniors
  • Academic Division:
    • 42 students in the College of Arts and Science
    • 6 students in the Farmer School of Business
    • 10 students in the College of Engineering and Computing
    • 13 students in the College of Education, Health and Society
    • 2 students in the College of Creative Arts
  • 40 academic majors and 15 academic minors are represented by the 73 students in the 2018-2019 Scholar Leader Community

Scholar Leader Alumni Spotlight

Carsen Cash and Kevin Summers, 2015-2016 Scholar Leaders

Carsen, a chemical engineering major and premedical studies co-major, and Kevin, a psychology major and premedical studies co-major, were 2 of 9 students who received the Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award!

Ashley VanBuskirk, 2012-2013 Scholar Leader

Check out the online feature the Oxford Press included on their website about one of the 2012-2013, Ashley VanBuskirk. The story is titled Miami Student's Business Helps to Send Others to College and highlight's Ashley's experiences studying abroad and the passion she developed for raising money for women to attend college. Ashley co-founded a stationary company, Flora, that helps support higher education for young women in Kosovo.

Caren Kay, 2012-2013 Scholar Leader

Caren received the President's Distinguished Service Award in the Spring of 2016!

Briana Deer, Matt Dunn, Deepika Hebbalalu, and Sharon Kootin-Sanwu, 2013-2014 Scholar Leaders

Congratulations to four of the 2013-2014 Scholar Leaders who were awarded Second Year Achievement Awards by Miami University. To read more about each student's accomplishments, please review the online article titled Miami Second Year Achievement Award Winners Announced. Three of these students were also awarded the President's Distinguished Service Award. 

Brian Breitsch, 2013-2014 Scholar Leader

Miami University included a feature on its website about one of our Scholar Leaders, Brian Breitsch. This feature is titled Studying How Scintillation Scuttles Satellite Signals and highlights Brian's awesome research and work.

Lila Wengler, 2013-2014 Scholar Leader

Read this online article about Lila and her partner as they were chosen with 48 other interior design students nationwide for the 5th annual International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Student Design Charette.

Nora Husani, 2013-2014 Scholar Leader

Kode2Learn – November 16, 2013

Kode2Learn Advertising PosterNora Husani, a 2013-2014 Scholar Leader, was a sophomore majoring in software engineering from Solon, Ohio. During the fall 2013 semester, Nora successfully planned and implemented a  4-hour computer programming event for 20 local 3rd-8th graders. Nora believes coding teaches people how to think, and her goal for the participants was not about learning to code, it was about learning to learn. Nora called this project “Kode2Learn.” The “K” stood for kids, the “2” stood for the two pillars of this program: problem solving and teamwork, and “Learn” was the overall goal.

On the day-of, participants:

  • Learned basic programming concepts in the Java programming language;
  • Worked with a programming software called Processing;
  • Completed a team building and problem solving activity where they created an egg drop container and dropped the egg from the highest floor in the Engineering Building; 
  • Learned about a programming tool called Scratch;

Nora loved watching the participants’ faces light up when they made their computer program do something new! In a reflection, Nora wrote this experience helped her, “apply concepts I Students at Kode2Learn eventlearned in EDL 290 [a 2-credit course for Scholar Leaders] such as strengths and weakness. For me, one of my greatest strengths was passion and I was able to use this to plan a day that I will never forget. From participation in the Scholar Leader Community, I have learned that no man is an island and that it is important to reach out for help. I would not have been able to create such a successful program without the help of others. In the future, I plan to organize similar events. I actually want to create a student organization that puts on coding events for children. It will take a lot of work but I plan to further develop my leadership philosophy by putting on more events like Kode2Learn.” For her hard work, Nora was also presented with the President's Distinguished Service Award in Spring 2016.