Strengths Events and Opportunities

By the Numbers

The 2014-2015 academic year saw 735 StrengthsQuest assessments completed, up from 467 the year prior. 

The best way for Miami students to connect with Clifton Strengths for Students is by attending the Perlmutter Leadership Conference. The 2015 Perlmutter conference will take place on Saturday, October 3rd. Sign-ups for the Perlmutter Leadership Conference will begin in late August. Prior to attending Perlmutter, all students will receive a free access code to take the StrengthsQuest online assessment. Students will bring their top 5 themes and a printed copy of their report with them to the conference. During the conference, all students will participate in a 100-minute session to debrief their top 5 themes, discuss how the themes play out in everyday life at Miami, and connect with other student leaders.

In addition to the Strengths session, students attend two leadership workshops sessions of their choosing, participate in a small group, and hear a keynote speaker discuss ways to use Clifton Strengths for Students. 

Students at a StrengthsQuest SessionIn addition to attending the Perlmutter Leadership Conference, many students have the opportunity within their residence halls, student organizations, or classes to take the StrengthsQuest assessment and go through a series of activities and discussions to make meaning of their individualized results.

To sign up, please request a Strengths workshop.

Quotes from Strengths workshop participants:

  • "I learned how considering others strengths can help me be a better leader."
  • "I can now use my strengths and knowledge of my weaknesses to my advantage and better understand how my leadership style fits together with those of others."
  • "I learned that everyone is different and has unique ways of applying their strengths."
  • "I learned it is more important (and productive) to focus on building your strengths than weaknesses. Trying to fix something you're already not as good at
    won't get you far, but really working on strengths you already have is much easier."