Leadership Classes

Course Offerings

EDL 290 is taught in the Scholar Leader LLC in the Fall Term;

HON 190Q examines traditional and emerging leadership theories and is taught in both Fall and Spring Terms. 

The Wilks Leadership Institute offers academic coursework on leadership theory and topics. These courses are developed and taught by Institute staff and tend to be broad-based and beneficial for any student; we do not focus on any one leadership theory or perspective. We also are able to help you identify other leadership courses that are offered within the academic divisions to ensure you are able to find leadership-oriented course that are discipline or career-specific. Including these courses in your academic journey and complementing them with co-curricular experiences is the best solution to developing a well-rounded, informed and practiced leadership style. Currently the Wilks Leadership Institute developed coursework is:

  • EDL 290 - The Nature of Group Leadership (Scholar Leader LLC)
  • HON 190O - Reflections on Leadership
  • HON 190Q - Introduction to Leadership Theory

Additional coursework is being developed and will be offered soon.