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What is Peer Education?

Peer Education is students learning from other students. The goal is to help students develop the tools needed for making informed choices, achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and functioning more effectively with others and in groups.

Who are Peer Health Educators?Student Alexa Rose holding an award - 2016-17 Rising Leader

HAWKS Peer Health Educators are students who combine their specialized training in Health Education and Wellness with a desire to make a difference on campus. HAWKS Peer Health Educators are responsible, enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders and they provide workshops, facilitate discussions, and sponsor campus events.

Mission Statement for Peer Health Educators

As Peer Health Educators, our mission is to actively ENGAGE students to consider important issues related to their health and wellness by presenting factual, relevant information that encourages them to honestly, realistically, and thoroughly reflect on the decisions and choices they make. As peers who care about the health and well-being of others in the community, we strive to educate students using three guiding principles:

  1. Respect for each person’s inherent FREEDOM to choose and make decisions for themselves;
  2. Present INFORMATION that is factual and relevant, and influences students to think critically about their choices;
  3. Through discussion and dialogue, encourage students to honestly, realistically, and thoroughly REFLECT on their values/ beliefs, determine behaviors that will protect what they value, and choose actions that are an accurate reflection of their values.
  4. We strive to ENGAGE students in the learning process, helping them to see the relevance and the importance of the choices they are currently making


Contact us in the Office of Student Wellness - 102 Health Service Center, (513-529-8544),