Service and Community Engagement


Wilks & Service

Wilks is committed to developing the service and leadership capacity of Miami students so that they may serve as agents of change through reciprocal partnerships, civic learning, and community-engaged leadership. Students involved with service programming with the Wilks Institute will participate in workshops, programs, outreach, and service designed to discuss social issues and strengthen communities. 

Service While Social Distancing

You're doing your part and staying home, preventing the spread of COVID-19 but you still want to engage with your local community. This calls for a different kind of service! 

The following are some examples of service in the time of Covid-19: 

  • Find your local mutual aid network.These are neighbors helping neighbors (virtually!)  pooling resources to help those who need it most
  • Donate Money (and not things!). In emergencies, nonprofits are overwhelmed by donations that might not fit the specific needs that they are facing and benefit most when they can put your contributions towards what they need most. Good360 describes this as "The Second Disaster".
  • Shop & Order Local. Many restaurants and stores are still open for carryout or delivery. If you are able, you can even order gift cards to support small business now, and use them later. Don't forget the small businesses in your very own Oxford, OH!
  • Meals on Wheels. Vulnerable seniors are at the greatest risk amid COVID-19. Connect with your local Meals on Wheels agency to see how you can be most useful.
  • Missing Maps. Missing Maps is an open, collaborative project in which you can (virtually!) help to map areas where humanitarian organizations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. They have quick training videos on their website, and no mapping experience is necessary!
  • Do volunteer research on a variety of projects based on your expertise and interest through Zooniverse
  • Comply with local, state and federal guidance around Social Distancing and Stay at Home orders. 
  • Stay home if you are sick. Do not expose yourself or our community organizations on the front lines by trying to help.
  • Communicate with any organization you hope to support first! Find out what their needs are, and support in the ways that you are able.
  • Think Local! Your neighbors, your small businesses, and the people serving your community are important. How can you support them?

Community Connect

ComMUnity Connect is Miami University’s new tool for the promotion, management, and tracking of volunteer opportunities in our region. We believe this new tool will increase levels of community engagement in Southwest Ohio and provide us with a more accurate picture of how we are impacting our communities together as nonprofits and educational institutions.

ComMUnity Connect amplifies the community’s voices by providing a platform for nonprofits to promote their needs and volunteer opportunities.

ComMUnity Connect is a product of Galaxy Digital.

Get Started with ComMUnity Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should STUDENTS use ComMUnity Connect?

  • To identify volunteer opportunities for yourself on an ongoing basis (opportunities are posted all the time, so check back often).
  • To find a community-based project for a course you are enrolled in (only if prompted by your professor)
  • To plan and sign up for a student organization team-building project
  • To connect with organizations and identity public challenges aligned with your passions
  • To challenge your preconceived notions about yourself & the world
  • To practice professional skills you are trying to develop
  • To track your personal volunteer hours or your organization’s volunteer hours

Why should FACULTY & STAFF use ComMUnity Connect?

  • To identify volunteer opportunities for yourself
  • To identify potential Service-Learning projects for your course
  • To connect with organizations and identify public challenges aligned with your research agenda
  • To plan and sign up for an office/departmental team-building project
  • To refer students to transformational learning opportunities
  • To find service projects to incorporate within programs or events that your office/department is responsible for implementing
  • To track your own or your students’ volunteer hours, and more...

How to Access ComMUnity Connect

  • Go to
  • This link is also available on under ComMUnity Connect and volunteer opportunities.
  • Log in with your Miami credentials.
  • Begin volunteering!

Quick How-To Videos and Articles for Miami Users

If you are having some difficulty navigating the website, here is a list of videos put together by Galaxy Digital, the software company. Please note that there may be some aesthetic differences between their general page and our custom page, but all the functionality is the same.