First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Program

What Can You Expect?

The FYRE program provides students with course-based authentic, hands-on research experience in small teams led by research-active faculty during a two-semester course sequence (UNV171/172). Student researchers review their topic, design a study, and complete necessary training during the fall semester; they implement the study, analyze data, and present the results in the spring. This experience prepares students early for subsequent research opportunities such as summer research positions across the nation and independent research supervised by Miami faculty. As part of these courses, students are expected to dedicate 2-4 additional hours per week to team research projects within the course. This might involve library research, writing, development or preparation of project materials, data collection, data analysis, or other relevant tasks. 

What Does a Typical FYRE Research Track (RT) look like?

The faculty lead is responsible for developing the overall theme of the RT, providing project guidance, and leading the weekly seminar meeting(s). During these meetings, students are introduced to the general nature of the research enterprise as well as the basic concepts necessary to conduct research in the discipline of the RT. The instructional team many be comprised of faculty, graduate assistants, and undergraduate peer mentors. Students thus benefit from a constant, open line of communication with both faculty and students. Furthermore, students are not simply engaged in prescribed research experiences, but rather play a central and equal part with faculty and graduate students in developing and implementing the research projects. It is common for representatives from other university offices (e.g. University Libraries, Howe Writing Center) to contribute to instruction in UNV 171 and UNV 172. Additionally, there are several workshops, colloquia, and other professional development opportunities that are offered, some of which are exclusive to FYRE students.

Residence Life offers an option for students to request housing in the  FYRE Living Learning Community (LLC)  Students will have the opportunity to form close community of learners outside the classroom. Students living in the FYRE-LLC must select one of the two-semester course sequences offered for academic year 2019-20.

Students are recommended to contact to ask about enrolling prior to start of fall classes.

Sample FYRE Tracks Offered in 2019-20.

UNV 171 Communicating Research to Public Audiences

Course Instructor: ORU Staff
CRN 76188 [Thursdays 1:15 - 2:10pm] 1 Credit Hour per semester

Enrollment is open to students of all majors.

Course Description: You are intrigued about conducting research in the general area of your major. What sorts of questions are being investigated? What are the discipline specific tools and approaches? What resources are available at Miami to conduct this research. How does this research topic relate to current trends in the discipline? Having educated yourself about these questions, how can you successfully communicate relevance of the projects to a broader audience?

UNV 171A Academic Success of Bridges Scholars

Course Instructors: Joyce Fernandes, Biology; Nathaniel Floyd, Librarian
CRN 73675  [Mondays 1:15pm-2:10pm]  1 Credit Hour per semester
Enrollment is open to Bridges Scholars Students.

UNV 171D Academic Success of Bridges Scholars

Course Instructors: Monica Adkins, Student Success; Nathaniel Floyd, Librarian
CRN 76187 [Tuesdays 10:05 -11:00am] 1 Credit Hour per semester
Enrollment is open to Bridges Scholars Students.

Have you ever wondered if students’ success was impacted by their lived college experiences such as campus involvement, diversity and inclusion, or just living in a residence hall? Are you interested in the academic and social experiences of your fellow Bridges Scholars participants? Do you have some creative ideas of what the Bridges Scholars program could become? If you answered, “yes”, to any of these questions, you are invited to join this course where you will embark on a journey through typical Miami experiences from the lens of Bridges Scholars. Students will collect, analyze and present data that will potentially be used to better address the needs of Miami’s Bridges Scholars. Students will work in small groups on one of several research projects that will be led by Undergraduate Associates, who are Bridges Scholars upperclassmen.

Why Join the First Year Research Experience Program?

  • Develop important skills
    • Learn new techniques, analytic methods & communication and professional skills
    • Attend monthly colloquiums on research-based careers or a departmental seminar in any discipline
  • Break new ground
    • Work with your peers in small teams, directly with faculty on their current cutting edge research project
    • Incorporate the framework of research and inquiry into your college experience
  • Forge lasting relationships - build academic and social mentoring relationships
    • Get to know your professors outside of the classroom for sustained interaction over your college career (and beyond)
  • Present and publish as a student
    • Support for travel to present research at national conferences and possibly co-author with faculty mentors on papers in academic journals
    • Students can get involved in enriching educational opportunities, such as workshops, trainings, and field trips

FYRE Living Learning Community

Student Life offers a FYRE Living Learning Community (LLC) as an option for students to engage in a close community of learners outside the classroom.