Wed April 20, 2022 Miami 28th Annual Undergraduate Research Forum

Miami's 28th Annual Undergraduate Research Forum; offers student researchers an opportunity to engage with the wider university community and public audiences. Each spring Miami celebrates the accomplishments of undergraduate students and of their faculty and graduate student mentors. Their research may have been conducted as part of a class, an independent study, a community project, service-learning projects, creative projects, etc.  

What Happens on the day of the UR Forum Event?

The URF virtual event is scheduled for Wed April 20, 2022. There will be 3 presentation sessions during the day: Session A  9:00-10:30am; Session  B 1:00-2:30pm; Session C 4:00-5:30p. Within each session there will be 7 concurrent clusters. 

During this virtual event, cluster moderators (faculty member/graduate student) will give each student presenter permission to share their screen to give their presentation to the Zoom audience.

Eleven talks are scheduled within each cluster, and each presentation has been allocated a total of 7 minutes (six minutes to talk and one minute for questions).

The UR 2022 Forum Website wil go live on the evening of April 18th.

Presenters Instructions for Day of the Event

  1. Look out for an email from your session moderator(s). They will communicate expectations for how the session will be run.
  2. You are expected to be in the meeting for the entire duration of your session or else you WILL miss your spot in the presenter sequence.
  3. Make a note of the phone-in information in the link—this is your back-up if your Wi-Fi goes down. You can also use Zoom’s mobile app or use a hotspot (if you have one) on your phone to connect your laptop.
  4. For your presentation, use your copy of a Google Slide presentation or your PPT file saved on your local machine, NOT the PNG files you submitted.
UR 22 Forum Primary Presenter Open this google form. 
Step 1: Prepare your abstract. Use Google Docs or a plain-text editor (like Notes on Mac or Notes/WordPad on a PC). Don’t use Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. In the interest of preview and dissemination of your presentations, develop a brief abstract, 250-300 words, that is geared to the general public & larger University community. We suggest including the following information for your audience.
  • What is your general research area,

  • How was your work conducted- i.e., your approaches/tools/methods

  • What is the research question you have asked, and why is it relevant for the field?

  • What are the major findings [Results and Conclusions] of your study, and how does it allow you to move forward [What’s next?]

  • How has this work/experience been relevant for your intended career?

Step #2  Prepare png images you need to submit for your website gallery walk.  The creation process is slightly different depending on if you use google slides or PowerPoint.

Step #3 Use Google Form URF22 Submission Form Presentation Materials (request the link from
  • Type the project’s title into the google form or copy paste from your text editor
  • Author name(s), i.e., your name, and if your project was a team one, the names of other students;
  • Faculty Advisor(s) and department;
  • Graduate Student Advisor(s) and department;
  • Text of 250-300 word abstract, and Keywords in this format: [tags x,y,z].  
    Replace the x y z letters with your keywords, and be sure to use square brackets and start with the word "tags". Don’t hit return or add extra spaces between your keywords; just separate them with commas.
  •  x = your broad disciplinary area: STEM, Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Creative and Fine Arts, Health Sciences, or Education
  •  y = your major
  •  z = one to two words that describe your project’s focus; separate them with commas.
  •  x = your broad disciplinary area: STEM, Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Creative and Fine Arts, Health Sciences, or Education
  •  y = your major
  •  z = one to two words that describe your project’s focus

Step #4 Get ready to present your research at the virtual Undergraduate Forum

Learn More .... May 06, 2021 College of Arts and Science News Story by Hanna Reams and Emma Boggess, CAS communications interns  CAS students tackle interdisciplinary COVID-19 research at Miami's annual Undergraduate Research Forum

"The 27th Annual Undergraduate Research Forum, held on April 21 over Zoom, featured over 500 Miami student researchers giving a total of 220 presentations. With support from their faculty mentors, students presented their year-long research projects that were conducted in a variety of disciplines and approaches, such as community projects, independent studies, service-learning projects, and creative projects. Of the nearly 200 research projects led by students in the College of Arts and Science, at least 14 were focused on COVID-19. From geography to biochemistry to public health, here is a sampling of how CAS students took on the many different facets of the pandemic over the past year."